4 from northeast Ohio win more than $80,000 total in Keno, Pick 5 lottery games

CLEVELAND - Luck was in the favor of four people from northeast Ohio who won big in Ohio Lottery games.

The Ohio Lottery said the winners were playing Pick 5 and Keno.

According to the lottery, Annette Miller and Robert Ingram, both of Mentor-on-the-Lake, will split $8,000 after winning a Keno jackpot on Jan. 17. Playing Pick 5, Earnest Duncan of Bedford scored a $25,000 ticket in the Jan. 27 drawing and Artis White of Cleveland won $50,000 in the Jan. 25 drawing.

After 29 percent is taken out of the winnings for taxes, the $8,000 will be $5,680, the $25,000 prize will be $17,750 and the $50,000 winnings will be $35,500.

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