Explosive device goes off at Akron home on McKinley Avenue late Tuesday

AKRON, Ohio - Akron police, Summit County Bomb Squad, ATF and the Akron Fire Department all responded to a home that was hit with an explosive device. The explosion ripped the front doors from the house on McKinley Avenue.

According to Akron police, three people were home when someone placed the device between the front door and a storm door on the front porch around 11 p.m. Tuesday.

The device is being described by investigators as possibly a quarter stick of dynamite or M100.

The device detonated causing both doors to be torn from the home and sending debris into the street about 35 feet away.

The three people inside the home were not injured in the explosion.

Jason Moore, a neighbor who was outside at the time of the explosion, said, "It sounded like a big explosion, just a big kaboom."

Moore said the area is normally quiet and is now concerned about his kids playing in the neighborhood.

Akron police were seen dusting the storm door for fingerprints and taking pieces of the door into evidence.

No suspects have been named.

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