Canton to add ShotSpotter system that will hear gunshots and alert police

CANTON, Ohio - We have all seen how police use surveillance video to be their eyes in the community, to help them catch crime suspects. Canton police will soon have a system that will be their ears in the community.

It is the SpotShooter system. Sensors will be placed around the city that can detect the sound of gunfire. It will not only hear and record the gunshots, it will also alert the police dispatch center and police cruisers on the street. It will allow for faster response times.

"This will help us because typically they have determined that only about 20 percent of the shots fired calls are actually being called in by someone." said Captain Dave Kurzinsky of the Canton Police Department. "Either they don't want to get involved, they are afraid to call."

The sensors will also help to pinpoint the exact location of the gunfire, making it easier for police to recover evidence.

Kurzinsky said they hope to have the system up and running by this summer.

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