City of Akron website hacked; message seen from hacking group called TurkishAjan

AKRON, Ohio - The city of Akron's website fell prey to a hacker Thursday afternoon.

The website is back up and running now but on Thursday, some logged on to see messages claiming to be from a hacking group called TurkishAjan, according to Rick Schmahl, Akron city chief information officer.

Schmahl said they are working on the problem but the Akron Beacon Journal reports "thousands of files, which include names, addresses, Social Security numbers and credit card numbers have been released on the Internet."

The city said until it is known what information is involved, citizens should keep watch of their personal information, like bank accounts and credit reports. The city also advised people to use secure passwords with numbers, and upper and lower case letters.

 "The City has enlisted the help of state authorities and the FBI," Mayor Don Plusquellic said.  "We are taking all necessary steps to assess the damage, remedy the situation, and protect our citizens."

Schmahl said this incident was a s SQL injection attack (SQL), which is difficult to explain.  Wikipedia defines SQL a technique often used to attack data driven applications.

At this point, the attack is under investigation.


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