Deputies sweep Summit County to check addresses of registered sex offenders

Some offenders are out of compliance

AKRON, Ohio - A team of Summit County deputies, probation officers and officials with the Ohio Parole Authority went to the homes of hundreds of sex offenders to verify if they're following registration laws.

The sweep over Wednesday and Thursday targeted about 350 sex offenders in various communities. More than 1,000 registered offenders call Summit County home.

Inspector Bill Holland said deputies did find some of the offenders were out of compliance.

"So far, I believe, we have about five or six that are out of compliance," Holland said.

Similar sweeps are held once or twice a year and Holland explained that an average of 6 to 7 percent of sex offenders are not living where they say they are.

"Either they don't live here anymore, they've never lived here or sometimes the situation is that address doesn't even exist," Holland said.

In Ohio, registered sex offenders are required to verify their addresses once, twice or four times a year depending on their classification.

Often, there is no answer at the homes of sex offenders during the sweeps and deputies turn to neighbors for information.

Deputy Sheila Church said people initially don't understand why officers are checking up on the homes.

"It's highly important. We just like to make sure that they're doing what they're supposed to be doing," Church said.

If investigators prove that a sex offender has lied about where he's living, a warrant may be issued and the suspect could face a felony charge.

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