Superheroes rappel down Akron Children's Hospital, wash windows for kids

Spiderman washes windows

AKRON, Ohio - Spiderman and his friends took a break form saving the world and rappelled down Akron Children's Hospital Friday morning.

The staff of American National Skyline Inc. of Cleveland dressed up as superheroes and washed the windows at the hospital as the kids inside watched in amazement.

Spiderman, Batman, Robin, Iron Man, Wolverine and The Incredible Hulk climbed down the front of the building with buckets and squeegees in hand. Inside, Trace Pooch, dressed in his own Spiderman suit, looked on in awe as his hero appeared from above.

"He chose his Spiderman costume, he has all of them at home, but he wanted Spiderman." said his mother Nicole.

With temperatures below freezing The Incredible Hulk, alias David Boles, said it was a cold climb but, "For the kids I'll get the flu in a minute."

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