Two Kent State University geographers heading to Oklahoma to map tornado damage

KENT, Ohio - Two Kent State University geographers, who specialize in disaster analysis, are heading to Moore, Okla. to survey and map the massive tornado damage.

Dr. Andrew Curtis, an associate professor of geography and Adam Cinderich, a lab manager, will do street-by-street assessments.

They'll use cameras and computer models to document the destruction while also looking at health and socioeconomic trends in the recovery process.

'What we can do is potentially try and make the disaster experience, the recover experience better, and hopefully more uniform in terms that you don't have certain groups that are more disadvantaged just because they don't have enough money in the first instance," Curtis said.

Curtis did similar work after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and after the tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri in 2011.

The geographers estimated they'll spend four days in Oklahoma, but they'll return several times over the years to monitor progress.


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