University of Akron psychologist, associate professor discusses Ariel Castro's suicide in classroom

AKRON, Ohio -

The shocking suicide of Ariel Castro became the topic during a class at the University of Akron on Wednesday.

Dr. Mary Myers, a licensed psychologist and associate professor of criminal justice, teaches "Intro to Police Studies" at the Polsky building.

She asked her students for their feelings about Castro's death. Their answers ranged from anger to disappointment to relief. Some called him "a coward."

"I wish he was put to death and little harsher than regular capital punishment," said Alex Loyd, one of the students.

Another student, Anthony Geyton, said he believes Castro couldn't handle living without having control over Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight.

"It became like a family-type thing where he got used to that. It was always there, so when it got taken away from him, he didn't know what to do," Geyton said.

Dr. Myers, a former Akron homicide detective who studies the criminal mind, said she wasn't surprised that Castro took his own life in prison.

"I would have expected this," Myers said.

She said she believes the driving force behind the suicide was Castro's inability to deal with his loneliness and his warped perception that "his family" was taken away from him.

"When his needs weren't being met, he would just be so empty and lost and alone that it would devastate him," she said.

Dr. Myers also teaches a course on profiling serial killers.

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