Building Better Neighborhoods: 12 community gardens to be planted in Parma

PARMA, Ohio - Twelve community gardens are being planted on June 4 at the Parma Area Family to Family Collaborative on Snow Road in Parma, followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony to kick off this effort.

The plots, each one 4 feet by 8 feet, have been adopted by various members of the community, including NewsChannel5. Each garden caregiver is being asked to donate at least 10 percent of what he/she grows to local food banks. NewsChannel5 will be giving everything they grow to the food bank at the Parma Area Family to Family Collaborative.

Some of the groups growing vegetables this summer include the Cuyahoga County Division of Child and Family Services, Club Soda, a social group from the Parma Health and Education Center and several Parma families who have worked with the Collaborative.

The teens of MyCom Teen Group will maintain the NewsChannel5 garden this summer and will also grow their own garden. They are growing potatoes in an upright space. Their potato patch should yield 100 pounds of potatoes which the teens will make into french fries at the end of the growing season after they donate some to a local food bank.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Johnson will do weather reports live from the community garden project on Tuesday's Live on Five and NewsChannel5 at 6.

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