11 of 13 Cleveland firefighters plead not guilty in shift-swapping scandal

CLEVELAND - Eleven of the 13 Cleveland firefighters indicted in a payroll abuse case pleaded not guilty in court Thursday morning.

Judge Nancy McDonnell released each of the men, who were suspended with pay last week, on $5,000 personal bond.

The firefighters allegedly involved are: Calvin Robinson, Kevin Dever, Bernard Frohnapple, Barry Kifus, Kevin P. Kelly, James Oleksiak, Robert Graham, Michael Milano, Nicholas Ruccella, Gary McNamara, Peter Corso, Thomas Jurcisin, and Daniel Losteiner.

The firefighters are accused of paying co-workers for taking shifts assigned to them. Investigators say each of the men didn't work for about a year of scheduled time. One of the firefighters, Calvin Robinson, allegedly failed to work for roughly four and a half years, but was paid for the time.

The city of Cleveland conducted internal audits. They showed from 2006 to 2010, the firefighters didn't work their scheduled time and their colleagues picked up their shifts. Prosecutors said, by doing so, the 13 men were able to work a second full time job, while still getting a paycheck from the city.

Milano and Losteiner did not appear in court Thursday. Their arraignments were continued.

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