12 new locations for Cleveland's portable speed cameras

City relocates them every two weeks

CLEVELAND - The city of Cleveland has 12 new portable speed camera locations:

-          17700 block of Euclid Ave.
-          8500 block of Euclid Ave.
-          3700 block of W. 105th St.
-          12000 Bellaire Rd.
-          7200 block of Bessemer Ave.
-          9700 block of Denison Ave.
-          4050 block of Superior Ave.
-          3200 block of Detroit Ave.
-          1580 West 25th St.
-          6793 Franklin Ave.
-          4210 Payne Ave.
-          16107 Waterloo Rd.

Unlike the fixed speed cameras, the portable cameras are white box-like devices on wheels that are built low to the ground.

"The whole initiative of this program is to make drivers more aware of their driving behaviors," said Larry Jones, II, project manager for the city's Department of Public Safety.

The city moves the cameras every two weeks and that makes some residents unhappy.

"They should put cameras in certain positions, a certain place and leave them there," said Ginny Owens, a Cleveland resident. "If somebody is speeding, good for them because they shouldn't be speeding. But don't just try and catch people."

The city said it chooses locations for its speed cameras based on accident reports and citizen speed complaints. It also pays attention to residential areas and school zones.

"I think it's just a trap for people for them to make more money," said Steve Thomas, a Cleveland resident who works near the new 97th  and Denison Ave. camera.

But Jones argues otherwise.

"One of the things I like to point out is that this program is one percent of the total general operating budget," he said.

Residents believe the program needs to be reevaluated.

"The signs should have some type of flashing lights on them so people would know that there is a speed trap there," said Thomas.

If caught speeding by the camera, the fine is $100. But for those speeding 25 miles or more, the ticket price doubles.

The cameras will be moved to new locations on November 21, 2013. To view a map of the current locations, click here: http://on.wews.com/1auLuSr

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