20-year-old Cleveland woman yelled 'Please don't kill me' during attempted sexual assault

CLEVELAND - Raven Freeman was dragged behind an abandoned house in Cleveland by a man who tried to sexually assault her.

"He pulled me back a little further back here, and that's when he started to rip open my pants and unzip it," Freeman said. She described what happened to her behind an abandoned house at East 116th Street near Harvey Road on the city's east side.

"He started to kick my legs so I couldn't get up," said the 20-year-old Cleveland resident.

Freeman said she was attacked by a man who approached her from behind early Saturday morning when she was waiting for the bus. He dragged her by her legs for about 50 feet.

"I was just trying to get away, saying ‘Please, please don't kill me,'" she said.

Freeman screamed loud enough for three people to see and start yelling at her attacker. But two other women were brutally murdered in the same area recently, prompting the FBI to assist Cleveland police in investigating these crimes.  

"Somebody knows something," said Shawna Carter, whose mother Christine Malone was brutally murdered late last month. Her body was found in a field on Bessemer Avenue, close to where Jazmine Trotter's body was found just days earlier.

"You can't just dump a body in a field and nobody know nothing," Carter said.

The Malone family welcomes the FBI's help to solve Christine's murder.

"We need justice," Carter said. "She didn't deserve that at all, no matter what she did, she didn't deserve that."

Freeman said she's never seen her attacker before, but she believes he's been watching her.

"I feel like he had it planned," she said.

She said she also believes the man planned out the area to execute his attack. She described a stick that he had behind the abandoned house which had scotch tape on it. She said it's possibly the same tape that was wrapped around the fingertips of his gloves.

"I'm still in shock about it all," Freeman said.

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