238 sex offenders live within 2-mile radius of Castro's former home, public records show

CLEVELAND - There are 238 sex offenders who live within a two-mile radius of the former home of the late convicted kidnapper Ariel Castro, according to a public records search.

"Wow," said Lawanda Johnson, a mother of four who moved to the neighborhood in April. "I don't really have a desire to stay in the area."

Castro lived at 2207 Seymour Avenue on the city's near west side. His house has since been demolished. In June, murder suspect and sex offender Elias Acevedo was arrested in a 1993 rape cold case across the street from Castro's home at his mother's residence.

The 49-year-old Cleveland man has been indicted on 293 counts, including the murders of Pamela Pemberton and Christina Adkins. Pemberton's body was found in 1994. Adkins went missing in 1995, but FBI recovered her remains less than two weeks ago. Both women's bodies were found on the near west side.

But the news doesn't bother resident Jhinarra Walker.

"It's a pretty good neighborhood," said Walker, mother of three boys. "I feel a little safer to know those people [Castro and Acevedo] are not around anymore."

"We are fortunate that we are able to get him [Acevedo] off the streets, I believe permanently," said Pete Elliott, the U.S. Marshal for the Northern District of Ohio.

Elliott said there are about 4,000 sex offenders in Cuyahoga County. He added that his team works everyday to track down and arrest non-compliant offenders.

Acevedo was also convicted in a 2003 rape and kidnapping case.

NewsChannel 5 broke the news Friday that a contractor found women's underwear hidden in the ceiling of the suspect's former home on Vega. Police and FBI took the underwear, but have not commented on their relation to the investigation. 

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