Amanda Berry, missing Cleveland teen, disappeared in 2003

CLEVELAND - Amanda Berry disappeared the day before her 17th birthday.

The 16-year-old got a ride after work at Burger King on Lorain Avenue and West 110th Street April 21, 2003. She was talking to her sister, but hung up before getting into the car.

"My one question is why I didn't ask who was giving you the ride," her sister, Beth Serrano said on the eighth anniversary of Amanda's disappearance.

Berry's mother died in 2006 from heart failure, but some said it was a broken heart that killed her.

Just last year, Cleveland police and investigators searched a lot on West 30th Street after a tip from an inmate. Police said Robert Wolford, serving 26 years in prison for murder, had credible information about her disappearance.

On May 6, Berry was found alive when she struggled to get out of a house on Seymour Avenue. A man walking by saw a girl fighting to get out of the house. He helped her and a child out, then called 911.

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