Black on Black Crime: Cleveland's police chief to talk with black community about fatal police chase

CLEVELAND - Cleveland Police Chief Mike McGrath, under fire by community activists and victims' family members to resign in the wake of the chase turned deadly shooting, is expected to address the black community Thursday night.

The organization Black on Black Crime says McGrath will speak to the crowd at the Harvard Community Center at 7 p.m.

Ward 1 councilman Terrell Pruitt has urged the meeting.

Last week a group of roughly 100 community activists, leaders and family members of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams called for McGrath and the safety director, among others, to resign.

The family of Daniel Ficker, the man who police killed in 2011, also requested the resignations.

"Since we have called for Police Chief Michael McGrath to resign, we have nothing more to say," said Al Porter, vice president of Black on Black Crime.

On Nov. 29, Cleveland police officers thought they heard gunfire come from the car driven by Russell and Williams near the Justice Center.

A chase ensued and ended with 137 rounds fired , killing both people.

An administrative investigation is still ongoing into the incident.

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