Mary Jordan, Book writer for Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, speaks with NewsChannel5

Cleveland native to write book for Amanda and Gina

CLEVELAND - Mary Jordan is a reporter for the Washington Post and if you didn't know her name you soon will.

She has been tapped by the law firm that represents Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus to write a book about the horrors that happened inside the house on Seymour Avenue.

"Like so many people who are from Cleveland I was just shocked by what happened," said Jordan in a phone interview with NewsChannel5. "I can tell you that when this book comes out it's going to be a remarkable story."

Jordan was approached by James Wooley of the Jones Day law firm who handles things for Amanda and Gina.

Michelle Knight is no longer being handled by Jones Day so she is not part of the book deal. Knight announced today that she would be going on Dr. Phil to tell her story, which will be aired in a three-part interview sometime in November.

Wooley reached out to Jordan because of his comfort level of dealing with her. "Mary is someone I have known for 25 years," said Wooley in a statement. "Her brother Pat was my best friend. She is a woman of great integrity and character."

The Cleveland native said she has already begun the interview process and has flown back to Cleveland to meet with Berry and DeJesus. "I'm determined to do this right so it will take some time," she said.

A police report about what happened inside the house first broadcast by NewsChannel 5, detailed what the women told police when they were found.

Jordan said we've only scratched the surface. "I'm telling you there is a lot more to come and its remarkable and I've just begun and already what I know is jaw-dropping."

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