Brothers of Cleveland kidnapping, rape suspect Ariel Castro speak out

CLEVELAND - When Ariel Castro was arrested on charges of kidnapping and raping three women for more than a decade in his Cleveland home, police also arrested his two brothers, Pedro and Onil.

While the brothers haven't been charged in connection to the case, in the minds of many, all three men are monsters.

Last Thursday, police released Pedro and Onil Castro saying neither man had anything to do with the abductions and torture of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight.

For the first time since their release, both men sat down and talked with CNN's Martin Savidge about Ariel and their ordeal.

Both Castro brothers tell CNN they are grateful the women are finally free and safe, but they're haunted by missed clues.

Pedro and Onil both fear society will always think they knew of or had something to do with the women's kidnappings.

"The people out there that know me, they know that Onil Castro is not that person and has nothing to do with that….No reason for anybody to think that I would ever do something like that. It's a shock to all my friends. They couldn't believe it."

"Same. I, I,…I couldn't never think of doing anything like that. If I knew that my brother was doing this…I would call the cops because that ain't right…I would have reported it. Brother or no brother," Pedro explained to CNN.

On May 6, frantic cries for help from Berry led to her rescue and then DeJesus and Knight. All three women are at home with family or friends and have requested privacy so they can readjust to life.