Business booming on Goodtime III as more people visit downtown Cleveland

CLEVELAND - Bruce Malcolm Hudek started on the first Goodtime as a deck hand in 1971.

He's been a Captain since 1977.

Forty-two years on Lake Erie and he gets to relive the charm everyday through local visitors and tourists who are impressed with our Great Lake and great views.

"They're impressed with the construction going on and with the Flats and with all the bridges and of course, the lake. They're very impressed with Lake Erie because they look at it as an ocean. They never knew it was so big," Hudek said. 

Now with the tall ships in town for the weekend, the Goodtime is a great way to see the historic replicas up close. 

"We'll you get a bird's eye view of the tall ships and we'll get you close to them and talk about them and it's a romanticism with the past," Hudek said.

Hudek hasn't seen Cleveland this busy and this much development since the Flats was hopping in the 1980s.

As the Goodtime III departed for a two-hour tour, Hudek swiped his lucky rabbit's foot like his has for 40 years, his parting advice, have a Goodtime tour before the cold winds set in.

"It's a lot of fun and time goes very rapidly before you know it in the blink of an eye the summer's over," Hudek said.

There are public tours on the Goodtime every day except Mondays. Private tours can also be booked.

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