Captain RTA plans to hand out free train passes all week in Cleveland

CLEVELAND - The RTA's super hero creation, Captain RTA, plans to continue battling traffic woes this week. He'll join the RTA's street team and set up at different Cleveland locations, handing out free RTA train passes and schedules for railways.

The RTA is encouraging drivers to take the train to work in order to avoid being stuck in a traffic jam while the West Shoreway is closed for Captain America filming.

Tuesday morning at 7 a.m., Captain RTA arrived at the intersection of West 25th and Detroit Avenue dressed in a blue superhero outfit nearly identical to Captain America's suit. He was joined by the RTA street team and started handing out train tickets to drivers heading downtown. Each driver was given two free railway passes and one train schedule.

An hour in, the RTA ran out of the passes, but still made a point to promote using the railways.

The street team held signs that said, "Don't turn into the Hulk" and "Overcome evil gridlock." Captain RTA told drivers, "Ride my rails to work!" and "I'll be your hero!" 

The RTA said it plans to set up at intersections in Cleveland that are backed up during the morning commute. There's no set schedule as to where the RTA team will show up Wednesday or the rest of the week. A spokesperson told NewsChannel5 they will send out a news release.

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