Rescuer Charles Ramsey apparently going on speaking tour, will be in eastern Kentucky Friday

CLEVELAND - One of the men who made the international spotlight for his role in rescuing three women from captivity at a Cleveland home is apparently now on tour.

A news release from the Eric C. Conn Law Firm in eastern Kentucky said Charles Ramsey will appear for a "meet and greet" at the company Friday afternoon. The law firm, located on US 23 in Stanville along the Kentucky/West Virginia state line, is encouraging the public to "come and celebrate this national hero."

The law firm will be serving burgers and refreshments to all guests. Ramsey is expected to talk about how he helped rescue Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight from a house on Seymour Avenue in Cleveland on May 6. The three had been held there for years – Knight for more than a decade -- and were reported missing by their families.

Ramsey and another neighbor, Angel Cordero, have been credited with rescuing the women after Berry signaled for help.

Ramsey has received the most attention, though, due to his interview with NewsChannel5 the night of the rescue that went viral online. The dishwasher at Hodge's Restaurant in downtown Cleveland has had a burger named after him there, and has been offered burgers for life at various restaurants around town. He mentioned during the interview he put down his McDonald's Big Mac to help the women.

It's not clear if the Kentucky engagement will kick off a speaking tour, but Ramsey posted an email address on his Facebook page for people to use to contact him about "event or interview booking."

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