City of Cleveland adding portable traffic camera units as part of 'Operation Safe Streets'

CLEVELAND - The city of Cleveland is now using portable camera units to catch speeders, in addition to existing traffic cameras.

As part of "Operation Safe Streets," these portable camera units are self-contained and can be moved from location to location, the city said in a news release on Thursday.

"Ultimately, the goal of Operation Safe Streets is to save lives and prevent injuries," said Martin L. Flask, Public Safety Director. "The portable camera units are a visible reminder for people to slow down and drive safely."

The portable units do not require an officer to stay with it and can be placed where mobile speed cameras cannot be parked. Permanent signs will warn drivers that the cameras may be in use in that area.

One of the locations is on E. 55th St. just south of Quincy across from East Tech High School. Wednesday night the portable camera was getting a lot of attention from neighbors, most of whom applauded the addition.

"I think it's really a safety issue because I've seen people flying up and down this street," said Bernard Fincher.

Neighbor Andre Acoff agreed "We need something right here and you know you got the community housing right here and like a lot of kids here."

The portable units are operational at:
- 4050 Superior Ave.
- 2416 E. 55th St.
- 2300 St. Clair Ave.

The following locations need signs before they're operational:
- 3219 Detroit Ave.
- 4123 Pearl Rd.

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