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City of Cleveland security officer placed on leave after police find crack in his car

Posted at 8:58 PM, Jul 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-25 20:58:37-04

A security officer employed by the City of Cleveland has been placed on unpaid leave after Cleveland police found crack cocaine in his car.

Isaac Triplett was arrested on felonious drug charges and will remain on unpaid leave pending the adjudication of his case, according to the city.

Triplett was arrested on Tuesday after a detective said he witnessed suspicious activity, indicating a drug and/or prostitution deal was about to occur in the area of Detroit Avenue and W. 89th Street.

According to the detective, a black Jeep Laredo sitting in a parking lot pulled out as soon as a Cleveland police car pulled in. As the Jeep pulled out, a woman pacing back and forth on the opposite side of the street motioned for the vehicle to stop near her. The detective said he saw the driver, later identified as Triplett, motion for the woman to meet him further away.

The detective was driving behind Triplett as another detective car was driving in the opposite direction. The detective said he indicated for the other car to turn around. The reporting detective said he could see Triplett looking in his rearview mirror and noticed the other detective car make a U-turn. At this point, Triplett drove straight, despite having his turn signal on to turn and presumably meet the woman who had signaled him earlier, according to the police report.

The reporting detective said he activated his lights and sirens to engage in an investigative stop. He said Triplett did not flee, but did not stop right away. Triplett took an extremely long time to stop, which he said is an indication of illegal activity.

The reporting detective and another detective approached Triplett's vehicle. They noticed an open container of Mike's Hard Lemonade, and one said he saw Triplett clearly crushing a rock of crack cocaine in the center console with his thumb.

The detectives searched the car and found crack cocaine in the center console. They said Triplett admitted it was crack, but said it wasn't his.

Triplett was arrested, and a more thorough search of his car was conducted. Authorities said they found a box on the passenger floorboard with a glass crack pipe and cocaine residue inside it.

Triplett kept asking his arrestees why they would do this to him and said he had to have a certain amount of cocaine for it to be considered possession. Triplett claimed he only had crumbs of crack cocaine, according to the police report. Detectives also said he kept stating that they were ruining his career and his life, yet continued to acknowledge that he did have crack cocaine in his vehicle.

Isaac was booked at the Cuyahoga County Jail.

According to the city, Triplett is not allowed to participate in any work-related activities, contact any co-workers on work-related matters or enter the workplace under any circumstance without written permission from his manager while on unpaid leave. If he does not abide, further disciplinary actions could be taken, up to and including termination, according to a letter from the director of the Department of Public Utilities.