City of Cleveland thrilled to find 3 captive women, say 'more work continues' to bring missing home

See complete list of CLE open missing person cases

CLEVELAND - While Cleveland officials are thrilled Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight and Amanda Berry are alive and back home, they say "more work continues" to bring other missing back to their families.

Police have a new missing persons website that lists all 108 missing people in Cleveland alone. Two of the oldest disappearance cases date back to 1995, while the most recent cases have been reported May 9, 2013.

Those still missing from Cleveland are broken down into districts in the city's missing persons report. Christina Adkins has been missing the longest: 6,695 days. Odell Williams disappeared 6,583 days ago.

To the families of the missing, even just one day without their loved one feels like an eternity.

Cleveland police say it's "normal and natural that children will spend time playing or traveling out of the sight of trusted and caring adults." Authorities suggest teaching your children to avoid areas and situations where strangers might lurk. Below are some other tips:

- Never tell callers that you're home alone. Say mom and dad can't come to the phone at the moment, but will
call back.

- Always avoid strangers who are hanging around restrooms, playgrounds, or schools and want to play with
you or your friends.

- Never accept rides, candy, gifts, money or medicine from a stranger. This is reportedly how kidnapping and rape suspect Ariel Castro lured Berry, Knight and DeJesus to his house.

- Strangers can be very tricky; they can ask you to walk with them to "show" them something; they can offer to pay you for your video game, or ask you to help them find a lost dog or cat. Don't be fooled.

Cleveland police also have a link to "What you can expect from Cleveland police during a missing persons investigation."

If you know the whereabouts of any missing person listed on CPD's site, you can call police at (216) 621-1234. You can also email:

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