Cleveland and Pittsburgh vie in National Bike Challenge

Free competition May 1 to Sept. 30

CLEVELAND - Any day Cleveland can beat Pittsburgh is a good day.

The National Bike Challenge began May 1 and to add a little spice to the event, Cleveland challenged Pittsburgh to see which city can log the most miles.

This challenge is for everyone, if you're a serious cyclist or just ride around the block with your kids.

"If you're biking for recreation, sport, transportation, just going to from home to the grocery store or park, we want your miles," said Bike Cleveland executive director Jacob VanSickle.

Although the friendly competition between the two cities has no prize, Cleveland is looking to change that.

Bike Cleveland is working with Rustbelt Welding to fabricate a crown that will reside in the Rustbelt Champion's city.

In 2012, riders with Cleveland-area zip codes logged 250,000 miles in the National Bike Challenge.

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