Cleveland boy wants stolen wheelchair back; Invacare offers new one

CLEVELAND - Barbara Gibson says there have been a lot of break-ins in her Cleveland neighborhood. But what thieves took from her son was lower than low.

"I was devastated," she said.

Gibson's 9-year-old son's wheelchair was stolen from her van as it sat parked in her garage. She figures the thieves took it to cart off all the food they stole from her freezer.  

Gibson discovered the theft when she went to get in the van to go to church Sunday.

"He needs his wheelchair to be transported back and forth to school and even if we go anywhere because he can't walk long distances," she said.

Stephen has cerebral palsy and scoliosis.

Invacare confirmed Tuesday afternoon that it will donate a new chair to Stephen.

"We are currently working with the family, therapist and home medical equipment provider to get Stephen a replacement chair," company spokesperson Patty DelMonico said in an email.

"I just think it's phenomenal they would care," Gibson said

Her phone has actually been ringing off the hook with calls from a lot of people who want to help

But Stephen likes his old chair, which was neon green with wheels that light up. His mother is hoping he'll get it back and she issued a plea to the thieves.

"I'm begging you please, if you have a conscience and a heart that you would just leave the chair somewhere," she said. "Take it to Woodhill Park. Leave it out on the street. I'm sure someone will see it and call someone and we could get it back."

Stephen echoed her plea.

"Please give me my wheelchair back," he said.

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