Cleveland Catholics attend Mass of Thanksgiving for Pope Benedict XVI

CLEVELAND - A large number of faithful turned out for Thursday's noon Mass of Thanksgiving for Pope Benedict XVI at St. John Cathedral in downtown Cleveland.

While Catholics around the world watched newscasts of the Pope's historic retirement, Cleveland Bishop Richard Lennon applauded 85-year-old Pope Benedict for candidly admitting his strengths and limitations to the world.

"What an example of honesty what a wonderful example of acknowledging what is greater than ones self," said Lennon.

"He is doing a very humble thing in knowing that his health…and he can't do what a pope is called to do, so I think he's being a very humble man," said Christie Fleming, who attended the noon Mass in downtown Cleveland.

Church leaders credit the Pope for signing off on re-opening some closed Cleveland churches.

Others at Thursday's mass in Cleveland said bringing more Catholics who left the church back into the fold will be one of the new Pope's top goals.


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