Cleveland Chef Jonathon Sawyer says RTA bus struck his bike, urges drivers to be aware

CLEVELAND - A well-known Cleveland chef is urging drivers to be more aware after he said he was struck by a bus Wednesday morning.

Just after 8:30 a.m. Chef Jonathon Sawyer ( @chefsawyer) posted this message on Twitter:
"Wow Just got hit by an # RTA bus in # CLe , not injured but shaken up. Drivers please check your side…"

He also included a photo, which shows his bike on the ground next to an RTA Paratransit bus.

Sawyer did not say where the incident happened, but it appeared to be Euclid Avenue in the MidTown district.

A spokeswoman for RTA said investigators are working to figure out what happened. Transit police are still at the scene investigating.

Sawyer is the chef and owner of The Greenhouse Tavern on East 4th Street and Noodlecat around the corner on Euclid Avenue and inside the West Side Market.

He issued this full statement Wednesday afternoon on his Facebook page:

"It's a known fact that bicycling economies have been po pping up all over this country. Urban cycling has been proven beneficial to the community and economy of cities. I have been commuting to our restaurants in downtown Cleveland by bike for the last five years and last year my wife and I decided that our second car was no longer needed. We were paying high gas and insurance prices and thought that our money could be better spent better in the city where we chose to raise our family, Cleveland. Since then I have commuted on my bicycle to and from work daily. I realize that riding a bike can be dangerous, that is why I wear bright clothing and a helmet, have lights on my bike, and obey traffic laws fastidiously. Today an RTA bus driver who was not obeying traffic laws hit me. This issue is bigger than Jonathon Sawyer or the RTA, it has to do with bike and driver safety. It has to do with raising awareness of drivers, city and it's citizen. There is an amazing cycling community that has been flourishing here in Cleveland over the past ten years and they deserve to be safe. #sharetheroad "

Keep checking for more information.

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