Cleveland City Council questions if police chase report was tainted by Attorney General, prosecutor

Police chief reacts to resignation rumors

CLEVELAND - Cleveland Police Chief Mike McGrath was asked three hours before the police union called for his resignation, if he still has the support of the department's 1,600 police officers.

 "I think the police officers can have press conferences. They can do whatever they want to do. But in their hearts 99 percent of these police officers took this job to help people to give back to the community and I believe that's what they're going to do," McGrath said.

This comes just a day after the Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine released details of the Cleveland police chase that ended with two dead.

Meanwhile, several Cleveland City Council members questioned if DeWine tainted the investigation by releasing the state's report publicly before the case goes to a grand jury.

Council members also questioned why Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty would stand next to DeWine at Tuesday's news conference and give his opinion before presenting the findings to a grand jury.

"But they (McGinty and Dewine) also expressed an opinion on those facts before it went to the county prosecutor's office for review and that would be my main concern," McGrath said.

Dewine talked with NewsChannel5 by telephone from Columbus Wednesday afternoon.  

"Well, I checked with the county prosecuting attorney. In fact, we both were of the opinion this is a very unusual situation and it's very important for the community to have all this information just as soon as possible," Dewine said.

McGinty has previously stated a special independent prosecutor is not needed in the chase investigation.

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