Cleveland craigslist post warns partner of possible HIV exposure

CLEVELAND - A craigslist post on Tuesday in Cleveland had many people talking.

The post said in part, "We had sex behind a dumpster after NA…I don't remember your name." It went on to say, "I went for an HIV test and It came back positive." The message advised the sexual partner to go get tested.

"Pretty sad that's how someone has to hear that type of news," said Ryan Santora, who read the post alongside his girlfriend.

Cuyahoga County had over 200 new cases of HIV just last year, according to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and that number is going up said University Hospitals Doctor Barbara Gripshover.

"There are 4,700 people living with HIV or AIDS," she said. ODH lists 12 new cases reported of people between the age of 15-19.

"I always want to reassure people that we have great treatment now and you can live a long full live with treatment," Gripshover said. "If you are in care it decreases the chance to give the virus to someone else," she continued. Newschannel 5 did reach out to the person who made the post. They did not get back to us in time for the story.


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