Cleveland Facebook page helps find stolen bikes

CLEVELAND - In some cities, having a bike stolen is a right of passage; thankfully Cleveland is not one of those cities.

That's not to say stolen bikes are not a problem here, but through social media, those having a bike stolen in northeast Ohio have a place to have others help find it.

The Cleveland Stolen Bike Alert (CSBA) page on Facebook is where pictures and descriptions of stolen bikes are posted.

Bike Cleveland's executive director Jacob VanSickle had a bike stolen in 2008 and appreciates the efforts of the Facebook page.

"I think the CSBA Facebook page does help in bringing to the minds of cyclists to be aware and on the look out for stolen bikes that are posted. The page is like a grassroots database of all reported bikes stolen in Greater Cleveland," VanSickle said.

The page is also a place where anyone finding a bike can post pictures as well, in the hopes of reuniting bike and owner.

VanSickle suggests bike owners keep pictures of their bike and record the serial number along with the make and model.

He suggests registering your bike on the National Bike Registry and urges cyclists to report bike thefts so area departments can target areas where more bikes are taken.

"I hope that someday a stolen bike is treated the same as a stolen car. For many people, a bike is a person's main, often times, only form of transportation."

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