Cleveland fans send LeBron James a message through T-shirts -- 'Come home'

CLEVELAND - Inside Quicken Loans Arena they were easy to spot, light green T-shirts with the simple message "Come home LeBron."

Two-thousand of the shirts were handed out free of charge outside the arena to fans heading to the Wednesday night Cavaliers game against LeBron James' visiting Miami Heat. The group hopes to be able to hand out 10,000 when LeBron returns in March.

The shirts were the brainchild of a group of fans led by James Blair, who was banned from entering the "Q" after he stormed the court last season to greet LeBron and begin what some would call his comeback effort.

"It's not to beg him to come back," said Blair, "but just to show him that there are a lot of fans out there who still respect him and still will support him if he does decide to come back."

LeBron fan Michael Koontz put his shirt over James' Irish high school jersey. He hopes it sends a message.

"They were burning his jerseys and stuff and I think this will kind of give him a little bit of the sense of feeling that you know we want him back here," Koontz said.

If there's no place like home for the holidays, the timing of the first of the Heat's two trips this year to Cleveland worked perfectly. LeBron will host the Heat team at his home outside Akron for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

Before the game, James said there wasn't much to read into it but that they were flying to Toronto for a game Friday night and it was a question of celebrating Thanksgiving at a hotel in a country that already celebrated their Thanksgiving in October or at his house.

"I'd much rather do it at my house," he said.

As for Blair's T-shirt effort, LeBron said, "It's very flattering and it's a cool thing. You know, fans are, you know, they're the reason we all are able to play this game."

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