Cleveland film fans show up for 'Iron Man 3' opening

CLEVELAND - You could call it the summer season's first big blockbuster: "Iron Man 3." It opened in theaters overnight.

NewsChannel5 caught up with moviegoers overnight. Reaction was mixed. Some liked it. while others did not so much. Whether they liked the movie, many people are looking forward to another big blockbuster with a connection to Cleveland.

Like "The Avengers," part of "Captain America" will be filmed in Cleveland. Filming will begin in a couple of week and a lot of Cleveland movie fans are looking forward to it.

"Not only does it bring a little pride to the city since Cleveland does get a bad rep," one man told us. "But it's cool that movie productions want to come here."

"When they were filming 'The Avengers' over the summer, I went down and saw the set and what not and I thought it was so cool that it was in Cleveland," one woman told NewsChannel5 outside the opening of "Iron Man 3."

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