Cleveland kidnapping survivor Michelle Knight's grandmother sees her for first time in YouTube video

CLEVELAND - The grandmother of Michelle Knight had the opportunity to see her granddaughter for the first time in 11 years via video Tuesday.

"Boy, she's changed a lot," said Deborah Knight when she saw Michelle on video on Tuesday Knight spoke in a YouTube video along with Amanda Berry and Gina Dejesus. Police said Ariel Castro held the three women captive in his Cleveland home for about a decade.

Knight last saw Michelle the day before she went missing in 2002. She hasn't seen or heard from her since she was found in May.

"It's remarkable to see how well and nice-looking she is," Knight said.

Knight showed emotions of surprise mixed with relief as she watched Michelle in the video.

"Her hair used to be longer, curly, more wavy and she used to be more heavy set," she said.

Knight said it's a far cry from the shy, timid girl she vividly remembers. But now Knight sees a grown, beautiful, confident woman.

What comforts Knight the most is her granddaughter's faith in God. It's something she said she never had before.

"This gives me the feeling she is OK," Knight said.

But the feeling, she said, is only temporary. She's eager to see her granddaughter in person.

"Gina and them have their family helping them through this. We need to help her through it, but we cannot do it until she reaches out to us and says she wants help," Knight said.

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