Cleveland makes top 10 of 2013 bed bug infestation list

CLEVELAND - Cleveland just made a new list of cities that are letting the bed bugs bite.

Cleveland ranks number eight on a list of cities that have had the biggest jumps in bed bug infestations from Terminix.

Terminix, the world's largest pest control provider, created the list by compiling data from 300 branches across the country.

The company created the ranking by evaluating service calls from customers, as well as confirmed cases by service professionals.

The 2013 list of cities with the highest increases in bed bug infestations include:

1. Sacramento, Calif. 54%
2. Milwaukee, Wis. 53%
3. Las Vegas, Nev. 50%
4. Columbus, Ohio 47%
5. Baltimore, Md. 46%
6. Riverside-San Bernardino, Calif. 41%
7. St. Louis, Mo. 40%
8. Cleveland, Ohio 36%
9. Louisville, Ky. 31%
10. Denver, Colo. 28%
11. Los Angeles, Calif. 27%
12. San Francisco, Calif. 26%
13. Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas 25%
14. Nashville, Tenn. 17%
15. Houston, Texas 15%

The company says bed bugs have been making a comeback throughout the United States in recent years.

Bed bugs are usually transported from one location to another as people travel. According to Terminix, they can travel in the seams of luggage, carry-on bags, folded clothing and furniture.

Terminix offers the following tips to shrink the risk of being bitten or transporting bedbugs:

- Check hotel headboards, mattresses and box springs for live bedbugs, their exoskeletons and/or dark blood spots.

- Hang all clothing. Leave nothing lying on the bed or furniture.

- Avoid storing clothing in a hotel's furniture drawers.

- Store suitcases on a luggage rack as far away from the bed as possible.

- Vacuum suitcases when returning home, and immediately wash clothing in hot water.

- Between trips, store luggage in a sealed plastic bag in a garage or basement, away from bedrooms.

- If you suspect you have bedbugs, have your home inspected by a trained professional. Bedbugs cannot be controlled by over-the-counter treatments.

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