Cleveland rape indictment identifies DNA, not suspect

CLEVELAND - A grand jury in Cleveland has returned a rape indictment against an unknown individual based on DNA genetic evidence.

The Cuyahoga County grand jury returned the six-count indictment last week on charges of raping and kidnapping a 13-year-old girl in 1993 and a 37-year-old woman in 1996.

The indictment identifies the defendant in the Cleveland attacks as "John Doe Number 1" followed by numerical sequences reflecting the attacker's DNA.

According to The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, the indictment stops the clock on the 20-year statute of limitations for prosecuting.

The county issued an arrest warrant against the man's DNA profile in case he's arrested and his DNA is collected.

In New York, prosecutors reviewed hundreds of rape cases and indicted suspects in 2003 based on DNA alone.

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