Cleveland tattoo artist offers free Charles Ramsey tattoo

CLEVELAND - The unlikely hero turned Internet sensation is now permanently inked on a Cleveland man's leg.

Charles Ramsey said he helped free Amanda Berry while she was trying to escape from a Seymour Avenue house in Cleveland last week. Since then, Ramsey has made the talk show circuit and had a burger named in his honor.

But last week, Cleveland tattoo artist Rodney Rose posted on Facebook that he was do a free tattoo of Ramsey. His coworker at 252 Tattoo took him up on the offer.

"Four Cleveland police just stopped me at the gas station to take pictures of my leg," Stephen MunHollon posted about his most-recent tattoo.

"In a world as crazy as this, Cleveland has been in the foreground all week," Rose said. "This is not good for the city I love and call home."

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