Clevelanders participate in a cash mob at the West Side Market Saturday

Free parking

CLEVELAND - A mob of people Saturday at Cleveland's West Side Market - took part in a cash mob for the first Saturday the market was open since a fire shut down part of it for a few weeks.

Shoppers arrived between 7:00am - 6:00pm with $20 to spend, talk to three people they didn't know before and have fun.

Large crowds filled the West Side Market Saturday and the customer lot was packed all day. The market recommended shoppers walk if they live nearby, ride the RTA to the West 25th stop, ride a bike or park for free at Lutheran Hospital.

Saturday afternoon Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur stopped by to show her support and the West Side Market posted the photo to their Facebook page.

Cash Mobs ( is a group of people who's goal is to help support local businesses that are doing well by organizing a day for customers to spend their money en masse.

However, Cash Mobs found the West Side Market to be a unique situation in that the businesses within the market aren't struggling because of a bad business model, they are struggling because of catastrophe. So when Cash Mobs heard about the fire, they said they immediately decided to have a Cash Mob at the West Side Market to help the vendors get back on their feet. Ohio City Incorporated also helped to organize the event.

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