Cleveland's Grays Armory full of history and hauntings

Visitors have ghostly experiences

CLEVELAND - Cleveland's Grays Armory was built in 1893. It served as headquarters for a volunteer militia that fought in the civil war. The militia also served as peacekeepers in Cleveland before there was an established police department.

Many politicians and members of Cleveland's elite have visited the building over the decades. A bar, complete with hidden panels to hide liquor during prohibition, and a bowling alley were available to its many visitors.

While its history has attracted tourists over the years, it's also attracting people interested in the paranormal.

"As you get upstairs, a lot of people have reported seeing a woman in white that appears by the piano," said Kristin Roediger, Executive Director of Grays Armory and Museum.

And it doesn't matter if the piano moves from floor to floor. People have still claimed to have seen the woman.

The same woman in white was spotted by a caregiver who walked through a wall along with other Grays members. They were presumably headed to the bar that was located on the other side.

"We also had an Orkin man who was down in the basement and heard somebody talking to him even though no one was there. After that we had to get a new Orkin man," said Roediger.

The Cleveland Grays Armory is is available for tours by reservation only. You can contact them via their website or by calling 216-621-5938

Grays Armory is located at 1234 Bolivar Road in Cleveland.

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