Cleveland's murder rate soars during first part of 2013, but trending down over last six years

CLEVELAND - Through April 17 of this year, 27 people have been murdered in Cleveland, compared to 15 homicides during the same time frame last year.

Cleveland Police Chief Mike McGrath told Cleveland City Council's safety committee Wednesday that the six-year average shows murders dropping in Cleveland.

There were 134 murders in Cleveland in 2007, compared to 75 in 2011 and 98 in 2012.

Recently, the highest crime rates have been in councilman Kevin Conwell's Ward 9 which includes the Glenville neighborhood.

"Fixing more street lights and tearing down vacant homes leads to safer neighborhoods."

Everyone at Wednesday's meeting agreed more surveillance cameras are needed throughout Cleveland to deter and solve crime.

Chief McGrath said Cleveland police solved 68 percent of murders last year, compared with the national average of 50 percent.

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