Cleveland's success during National Senior Games could mean more downtown events

Scouts from major nat'l events watching Cleveland

CLEVELAND - The heat is on in Cleveland in more ways than one during the National Senior Games.

If the city and the new Cleveland Convention Center handle all of the visitors with success, more major event organizers will be inclined to choose Cleveland.

It's estimated the games, which will draw 11,000 athletes to Cleveland plus nearly 20,000 visitors, will generate $35 million for the local economy.

NewsChannel5 learned there are about 15 scouts from around the country in Cleveland, familiarizing themselves with the city and gauging how well Cleveland handles the games, logistics and visitors. If they like what they see, more groups could book their main events in Cleveland, which is experiencing a rebirth downtown.

The Cleveland Sports Commission is making a bid to bring the NCAA Women's Final Four back to Cleveland.

USA Volleyball, gymnastics and other major sporting events could be more willing to bring their championships to Cleveland because the new convention center is much bigger and more hotels are being built downtown.

On Friday, many people said with all of the athletes and tourists in town, it appears downtown is headed for a comeback.

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