Councilman Zack Reed calling for action on Cleveland's number of murders thus far in 2013

Reed concerned about the number of murders in city

As of June 10, the city of Cleveland has registered 40 murders since the beginning of the year. At this point in 2009, there were 45 murders. That year, the city would finish at 120. It's the highest number since 2009. This has Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed concerned.
"When you look at the fact that we are at 40 murders right now. That is moving us at well over 100 homicides in the city of Cleveland," said Reed. "We've got to do things right now that will put us in position where this number of 100 homicides in the city is not our barometer," he continued.
Reed said Cleveland should look at what other cities have done to try and deal with the problem. He mentioned New York and their "Stop and Frisk" program which he said helped drop crime dramatically.
The program allows police to question someone that they think might be about to commit a crime. Whether they do it or not, it has been a controversial program in New York City.
"I think a stronger police presence will deter crime," said Brian Johnson, who lives in a housing project off East 55th Street. "The criminals are not going to want to commit the crime if the police are out."
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