Cousin of suspected Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro in shock, says he 'had everyone fooled'

CLEVELAND - "It's obvious that he fooled everyone," said a cousin of Cleveland abduction suspect Ariel Castro.

Maria Castro-Montes told CNN obviously, "he lived two separate lives. And you know, everyone thought that he was the good person, that we all at some point in our lives had thought him to be. And now all of these things are coming to light and it's got to be horrifying."

Castro-Montes said she and other family members have been "wracking our brains" to figure out at what point in Ariel's life did he change?

"At what point in his life when I was looking at him, even in younger days, did he already have some evil heart? At what point was there a turning point? That's what I'm finding difficult to come to grips with."

Castro-Montes said no one had been in Ariel's home for quite some time and many family members didn't see him often, "more recently."

Ariel's brothers, Onil and Pedro, were also arrested on May 6, but neither man was charged. They've continually expressed they had no idea their brother was operating a private prison and torture chamber inside his Seymour Avenue home.

"I should hope that people remain rational and realize that the reason that they were let go is because the girls themselves have made these statements to the police that there was no one else involved. Specifically, these two brothers," explained Castro-Montes.

Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry escaped the home one week ago, after a neighbor heard Berry's cries for help.

Ariel is charged with numerous counts of kidnapping and rape. The Cuyahoga County prosecutor is looking into possibly filing a death penalty charge against Ariel for the reported miscarriages he caused Knight to have.