CPD blotter: Stripper hits customer, gambling man assaults Robin Hood, teen lights things up

Stripper whacks customer with beer bottle

CLEVELAND - Cleveland police are investigating a trio of unrelated incidents over the weekend, including one where a stripper reportedly hit a customer and another involving a gambling man assaulting "Robin Hood" -- and more.

A night out at Christie's Cabaret didn't hurt a man's pockets, but it did hurt his head. Police officers were called to the adult entertainment complex in Cleveland after a man said he was assaulted by a stripper. 

The 38-year-old victim said he was approached by the exotic dancer while he was sitting at a table with friends.  The police report stated the victim told the stripper he wasn't interested in her services because they were waiting for another dancer to get off stage. The victim told cops the stripper became enraged and said, "is she better than me?"

According to the Cleveland police report, the stripper then spit on the man before picking up an empty Corona bottle and hurling it at his head. The bottle didn't break and neither did the man's heart.

He called police, but not before the manager of the strip club fired the woman and walked her out the back door.


In an unrelated incident, Cleveland police were called to the Horseshoe Casino because Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow slot machine was under attack. The report stated police watched a man on surveillance video going on a rampage.

The suspect punched the front of the machine, breaking glass and "rendering the machine inoperable." So much for robbing from the rich to give to the poor.


In another unrelated incident, a 15-year-old, upset about home detention, allegedly tried lighting her house on fire.

Officers arrived to a Cleveland east side home to find thick black smoke coming from a side door. The teen was in the kitchen standing at the stove with a lit newspaper in one hand and a lit magazine in another, the report said.

Officers quickly grabbed the lit items, stepping on them to put them out. When officers asked the teen why she was trying to light her home on fire, she told them, "this home detention [expletive]. I'm not going to follow this or listen to my mother."

In the report, the mother said her daughter never listened to her and she is scared of her daughter. She told police she hides her other children when her daughter goes on her verbal and violent rants.

The 15-year-old was taken out of the home and processed.

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