Dog shot with bow and arrow in Cleveland dies in owner's arms

CLEVELAND - A Cleveland man still can't believe his beloved dog is gone, but the dog's death has left him devastated and searching for answers.

Ricardo Reinoso said he let his dog, Henry, outside briefly Saturday around 5 p.m. to go to the bathroom. 

"He ran back here. I ran after him and he was already over the fence," Reinoso said.

Reinoso said it happened so quickly. 

"I just hear a horrible noise. He comes running and there's blood in his mouth.  I thought he got an animal," he said.

The Lab-terrier mix was shot with a bow and arrow.

"I tried getting the bow and arrow out. I couldn't save him," Reinoso said in the driveway of his Burger Avenue home.

Reinoso tried to help the dog, which was two and a half, but. He cut his hand in the process and had to get stitches. Henry died a short time later in his arms.

"It literally felt like watching one of my best friends bleed to death. So close to my house. Why? Why?" Reinoso said.

Reinoso is still searching for answers, but suspects a neighbor in Old Brooklyn shot Henry.

"I want someone to come forward and just explain what their reasoning was to shoot a crossbow at an animal like that," he said.

Cleveland police urge anyone with information to come forward.

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