Expert sketches paths of bullet wounds on woman killed in 2012 Cleveland police chase

CLEVELAND - A sketch released by the legal team working for the family of a woman who was killed by Cleveland Police after a car chase in November 2012 reveals the paths of 16 bullets that hit her.

Sketches: View the PDF file here

A forensic illustrator made the sketches. He was contracted by lawyer Stan Donaldson, who is representing the woman's family in a lawsuit against the city for her death.

Donaldson would not comment further on the sketches.

On November 29, 2012, Timothy Russell, 43, and Malissa Williams, 30, were killed after leading Cleveland police on a 23-minute chase. 

State investigators found 13 Cleveland police officers fired 137 shots into Russell's Chevy Malibu as the chase ended in the parking lot of Heritage Middle School in East Cleveland.

The 13 officers were subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury earlier this month, according to the Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association.

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The chase started in downtown Cleveland. A police officer thought he heard a gunshot coming from Russell's car. Investigators later determined the vehicle had backfired.

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