Family awaits justice for Gloria Pointer as man in custody for 1984 Cleveland murder of teen

CLEVELAND - Cleveland police have a man in custody in connection with the rape and murder of 14 year old Gloria Pointer in December 1984.

Gloria was on her way to school when she was beaten to death with a pipe in the back stairwell of an abandoned apartment building on East 105th Street.

"My niece had just babysat for us the night before. I asked her to just spend the night. If I had kept her all night, she would probably still be alive," said Gloria's uncle, Ray Pointer.

Pointer has lived with this hurt for 30 years. He said Gloria wanted to keep her perfect attendance record so he took her home. That was the last time he saw his niece alive.

"When she didn't make it to school, the alarm went off because she had perfect attendance," Ray Pointer said. "When my boss and I got to the scene of the crime, they were bringing the body out dripping with blood. They didn't want to open it up for me, but I demanded. It was terrible."

Ray Pointer said his family are celebrating that a man is in custody for the crime.

"It's been very hard for the entire family. We had actually kind of given up thinking something would ever be done," Ray Pointer said. "But we are so glad this morning that this guy is finally going to get his after all these years."

One neighbor, who lives just yards away from the crime scene, said her children were friends with Gloria. She said it's been hard watching the lot and empty building knowing there's never been justice.

"Hey, I give Him praise. It's due. Long overdue," she said. "This is God. God's timing."

Meanwhile, Ray Pointer said he and his family will make sure justice is served for his niece.

"He stomped her and beat her with an object," Ray Pointer said. "He brutally killed her and believe me, we will be down there to see what happens to him."

The suspect's name has not been released, but investigators told us his DNA was a match for the crime.

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