Former Barberton grad and Indians 1954 World Series player Hal Naragon likes Tribe's playoff chances

'54 World Series Tribe player speaks about game

BARBERTON, Ohio - A former Cleveland Indians player who played in the 1954 World Series said he feels good about this year's team.

"This has been a fantastic year for Cleveland," said Hal Naragon, who was the backup catcher for a Tribe team that won 111 games. "I was fortunate I just came out of the service and being on a championship team was the highlight of my career," he continued.

Naragon grew up in Barberton and first caught the Cleveland Indians attention when he was just a teenager. He said he loved playing for his hometown team and the Tribe win against the Twins Sunday, "brought back a lot of memories."

There were no playoffs back then - it was simply win the most games and you're in. On Wednesday, the Tribe will play in a home playoff game and Naragon said nerves are OK.

"Everyone is going to be nervous," he said from his Barberton home. "If they are not nervous, then they are not human," he continued.

That series brought us the incredible catch by Willie Mays over the shoulder. That series brought us an Indians team that got swept in four games. Never-the-less, the memories and accomplishments Naragon said can never be taken away. He feels today's team should feel good win or lose. "They're a lot of ball players sitting home today wishing they were on the Cleveland Indians team, I'll tell you that."

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