Friday was start of busy Thanksgiving travel week at Cleveland Hopkins Aiport

CLEVELAND - Although Thanksgiving is still six days away, Friday marked the beginning of holiday travel and one of the busiest travel days of Thanksgiving week.

Lines at Hopkins Airport were longer than usual Friday morning, and airport spokeswoman Jackie Mayo expects traffic to get even heavier throughout the weekend.

"Monday it will plateau for a couple of days, Monday and Tuesday, and then Wednesday it will be busy," she said.

Mayo recommends travelers give themselves two hours to get to the airport, park, check-in at the ticket counter and then get through security. In bad weather, she suggests tacking on another 30 minutes or so.

Passengers are still only permitted to carry on three ounces or less of liquids in a one-quart plastic bag. They can, however, carry on cigarette lighters this year.

Mayo also advises passengers to go through their luggage before they pack it to make sure there's nothing prohibited inside by mistake.

"There have been cases where people have used a bag to go hunting with and left ammunition in it and not realized it and then they go through security and they have ammunition and they're buzzing all over the place," she said.

For a complete list of what's prohibited on the plane, and up-to-date flight information, go to

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