Hopkins International Airport has plans in place for incidents like LAX shooting

Airport officals feel security good at airport

CLEVELAND - Passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 1070 certainly had a story to tell when they arrived at Cleveland Hopkins Airport just after 7:30 p.m. Friday.

They were at LAX during the shooting that shut it down for hours.

"There was no chaos and no one running around," said Jaco Vienings, who was waiting and getting breakfast at one of the airport restaurants during the shooting. "We saw the helicopters outside the windows but the televisions were muted," he continued.

As it turns out, the United Airlines flight to Cleveland was on the opposite side of the airport to the shooting. Some passengers said without the TVs, you may not have noticed anything was happening.

"The people who worked at the airport didn't know what was going on. The people who worked at terminal 7 had no idea the airport was on lockdown, "said Andrea Steinfield, traveling with her husband Mike. "You got elevator music going on and everything was peaceful and quiet,"Steinfield added as he was about to head to baggage claim.

Cleveland is no stranger to airport shootings. In 2006, Kenneth Calloway walked into the airport and got into an argument with Cleveland police officer Steven Walker.

The argument pursued, and Calloway got ahold of Walker's gun and shot him. The bullet would go through his lung and end up near his spine. He also suffered broken ribs. Calloway would be shot by another officer and die.

"My message is that we train constantly for this type of incident," said Fred Szabo, Commissioner of Cleveland Hopkins, speaking about the shooting situation at LAX. "We will learn from this incident and work with our TSA partners and become stronger."

Szabo said you shouldn't expect to see any changes in Cleveland because they feel the shooting is isolated to LA.

He mentioned that the airport does prepare for these types of situations year-round. In 2006, a mock drill was done, which featured a man with a gun coming into the airport. "We looked at our security program to see if there were any vulnerabilities. We feel at this time, pending any new information that comes out, we are prepared for such an incident."

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