Huge tree topples onto house on East 112th Street in Cleveland during storm

CLEVELAND - Residents on East 112th Street in Cleveland said they heard transformers popping and watched as lightening came down hitting a massive tree uprooting it on Wednesday.

"It was like fire. You could see the stuff popping in front of my window. So I got up and looked out of my window and I looked out the window the top of the tree was on fire," Orlana Wright said.

The huge tree fell on the empty house next door to Wright's. She said it looked like the Fourth of July.

Weather officials said winds topped 70 miles per hour Wednesday night and more than two dozen tornado warnings were issued across Ohio. Cuyahoga, Lorain, and Lake counties reported downed trees Thursday morning.

Alice Staten called the fire department.

" I saw sparks and blue stuff. I didn't know whether to stop, drop and roll," she said. "I lied to them, my house was on fire so they could come faster."

Staten's dad James Campbell was on the porch when the thunderstorm started. It was powerful enough to send him inside.

"We heard a loud boom and then we saw the lightening flash like six times. It was a lot of sparks, the tree hit the house," Campbell said.

Once fire officials arrived Wright noticed her car had been damaged by the fallen tree.

"I'm looking out my window and my whole back window was  busted out of my car," Wright said. "I have a 2-year-old daughter that's in day care have to be transported back and forth every day. I work two jobs, so this is a real inconvenience for me."

Fortunately, no one was hurt when the tree fell.

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